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About The Mindbender
The old Mindbender:
Here is one of the pictures of the old mindbender before the accident.

Length of trackway: appr. 4198 ft.

Diameter of the loops: 1st and 2nd: appr. 46 ft.
3rd: appr. 40 ft

Drive: friction drive

Max. speed: appr. 56 mph

Max. acceleration: 5 G's

Year of first operation: 1985

unit: 1 lift - gears with cardan shaft which are connected with the drive, antirollback device, brakes

Cost: million

Power: Tire Drive Lift

Restraints: Seat Belt, Individual Lap Bar, Shoulder Harness

Type: Steel

Ride Time: 2:10

This is a quasi "mirror-image" of the transportable "Dreier Looping". The "Mindbender" features two more meters in height, some more meters in tracklenght and does not use a second lift hill. The coaster started operation in 1985 and is completely enclosed, because the amusement park is part of a giant shopping mall. The trains are one-of-a-kind, very safe, and consist of three coupled, twinaxled leading cars.

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Thanks to my friend Steph for some of her Wacktacular pics.