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FYI Here is some stuff about the mindbender that not many people know.

This is the third loop.
  Did you know:
->The third loop of the Mindbender is not owned by Galaxyland and the lights on the first and second loop, don't belong to galaxyland either.
->Every 15 runs on each train it goes in for inspection

Current News
Status: Running

The mindbender has some new lap bars. They are not in every car but they are for the smaller people on the ride so that they dont float out of their seats.

There are some new signs up for the mindbender.

The Track:
Track consists of a tubular steel spine connected to the inside of tubular steel running rails.

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This is the.....
This is the mirror part. If you look at the mirrors it looks like a train is coming at u but it isnt.

This is what the track looks like.

I would like to thank Coaster Globe for the Info and pics.