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Mindbender Roller Coaster

Welcome to My Mindbender Roller Coaster Site.
This site will tell you all you need to know about the Mindbender Roller Coaster.

How many times I have been on the Mindbender:
892 Times

I beat the roller coaster world record of   859

Mindbender Accident:

They have been changed after an unlucky accident, which happened on June, 14th, 1986, in which the wheel assembly of a trains last section broke off. In case of that, the car hits two support pillars before entering the third loop. Three people were killed and one was injured seriously. Tripple Five corp., which owns Edmonton Mall and the park, claimed a Schwarzkopf design flaw caused the accident.

But evidence showed that Fantasyland (Now called Galaxyland) had ignored a special inspection order from the General Safety Services Division. Cars were checked only by visual inspections and not by taking them out from service. Visual inspections alone would not have been adequate to determine if screws or bolts were loose. And many bolts were loose during the first time of operation. Further, the Schwarzkopf manual was never translated from german into english. It directs workers to perform weekly checks on all the screws and bolts. After the accident it was discovered, that one-quarter of all axle bolts on the train were loose. No safety check has been made trough the german TUV organisation, which is worldwide wellknown for their profession regarding amusement rides, in order to safe money.

The Mindbender is The Worlds Largest Indoor Triple Loop Roller Coaster.
The Beginning Speach:

    Welcome to the mindbender, the worlds largest indoor triple loop roller coaster. As you become seated please fasten your seat belt and the attendent will secure the remaining safety restaints. During the coarse of your ride you will experients many sharp turns sudden speed changes and a very sudden stop at the end. So for your safety please keep your head against the head rest and grip the hand rail in front of you for the entire ride. Your hands and arms must remain in side the car for the entire ride. Again for your safety please keep your head against the head rest and grip the hand rail in front of you for the entire ride. Thank-you and enjoy your ride on the mindbender.

Picture of the Mindbender after the accident.
Here is the picture of the mindbender after the tragedy.

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